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I believe I’ve found an interesting interaction that promotes a rather unique gameplay on Power DPS Mechanist for Raids / Strikes. While I’m far below the limit of 20 APM and could include more actions to increase the DPS by a small amount - I decided not to do so. This is due to A) the free utility slot the build offers that will generate a little more APM in actual Raids / Strikes and B) so the player can focus even better on the fight and use spare APM to dodge / CC etc. If you have any questions or need more information, just dm me on Discord! (Xyonon#4633)

[Editor’s Note: the gw2skills link as provided caused errors with the API. I attempted to correct it by using Barrier Signet in the “free utility slot.” Swap that, as mentioned above.]


  • Weapons: Berserker Mace/Shield with Force/Impact Sigils
  • Armor: Berserker with Scholar Runes
  • Trinkets: Berserker
  • Food & Utility: Cilantro-Lime Sous-Vide Steak, Potent Superior Sharpening Stone

Traits and Skills

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