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Meant for instanced content This build uses Stoic Demeanor to turn abilities like Sanctuary and Axe 2 into heavy hitting low APM skills. This build only uses a total of 5 skills keeping complexity extremly low Every form of hard CC procs Stoic Demeanor, which Sanctuary does 8 times for a total of 81.000 damage. Puring Flames is the highest DPS skill in this rotation so its used off cooldown To proc more of Stoic Demeanor I used axe 3 when my APM budget of 20 allowed me to You can hold down torch 4 causing it to activate and cast all charges without pressing the button again. Meaning you can cast 3 abilites in 1 button press

All of these things combined create a rotation useable for a wide range of players. You can scale this rotation down easily as long as you use heavy hitting skills like Sanctuary or Purging Flames. The goal was to make a build with a very low skill floor and skill ceiling allowing players to focus on mechanics while offasionally casting heavy hitting skills. Due to Sanctuary, Axe 2 and axe 3 having high amounts of CC this aspect is also covered automatically. The Elite Signet gives more passive sustain.


  • Weapons:
    • Viper Axe/Torch with Torment/Bursting Sigils
    • Viper Scepter/(empty) with Geomancy Sigil
  • Armor: Viper with Balthazar Runes
  • Trinkets: One Viper Ring and the rest Sinister
  • Food & Utility: Plate of Beef Rendang, Toxic Focusing Crystal

Traits and Skills

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