Our Mission

We are a community of Guild Wars 2 gamers with accessibility needs. We aim to help accommodate a wide range of needs, from physical to cognitive. To this end, with the help of the community, we publish and archive low-intensity (LI) builds that can allow players to solo more difficult content, and comfortably contribute in group play across game modes.


To get involved, any of the following is very helpful:

  1. join the Accessibility Wars Too discord
  2. check out the GitHub to help with code
  3. share the Accessibility Wars website
  4. test out builds and provide feedback (ideally on discord). Particularly builds with the review-needed tag
  5. submit new builds. This link can also be found on the website, in the sidebar on desktop, and at the bottom for desktop and mobile

The Builds

These builds are designed to be exceptionally easy to play in solo content, or with open world groups. These builds are fluid, and you should consider the builds listed as a starting point or guideline. Play around with different traits, skills, and weapons at your leisure. Think about if builds are power or condi, and try not to mix the two (often). Some folks find more defense is more comfortable, while others are more comfortable when they can burst down enemies. These builds are about enabling you to find your own comfort zone in the game.

jupiter (the original author of many of our builds)

You can browse the builds above, chronologically by date, or by tag.


Generally speaking, most of the builds use a tier model. This is a numbered list that rises in complexity (and effectiveness) as you move from lower numbers to higher.

For example (the Fire Tempest):

  1. Use 1 and 5 while summong Elementals.
  2. As in 1, + F1
  3. As in 2, + Signet of Fire

Once comfortable, experiment with adding 2, 3, and signet of earth. Try to add in 2 after 5 or F1.

A player new to this build should start at step 1, autoattacking with weapon skill 1 and use weapon skill 5 off cooldown. Summon elementals off cooldown. This is the base.

Once the player feels comfortable with that, start adding in the F1 profession skill to add a burst and burning.

Once comfortable with that, add in triggering the Signet of Fire utility for more burning.

Often, there are also further optimizations to be done, provided at the end of the tier notes as things to try.