LI Alternatives

We don’t hold a monopoly on LI builds here at Accessibility Wars. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some other places to find accessible builds.

Also Explore!

Additionally, many “standard” builds can function perfectly well in a Low Intensity way with minor modifications, such as camping a single weapon. That can open up some additional options after some experimentation.

For a player with accessibility needs, some of these builds may be unworkable, but some might fit well.

  • GuildJen - builds for all game modes; one of the few sources for roaming WvW builds
  • Lord Hizen (YouTube) - solo-capable open-world builds
  • SnowCrows - mostly builds for 10-person raids; Very much not LI focused, but includes good resources for how to measure dps using golems and arcdps
  • Discretize - builds for 5-person fractals. Note that discretize builds typically assume use of Fractal potions for extra stats