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Low Intensity DPS Condition Virtuoso

Update Warning: June 27, 2023

A few changes to skills used in this build were in this update, particularly to Dagger 2 & 3. It is ultimately an AoE buff, dealing more damage in situations where there are adds. The build has been adjusted.

The videos below are pre-update. They will help for rotation, but numbers may be inaccurate.

This message will self-descruct when I get around to it.


This build was shared with me from a member of a friend’s static. It’s a pretty nice 3-button virtuoso build that has some significant utility flexibility to accommodate handling of raid/strike mechanics.

Take special attention with the gearing, it’s less straightforward that most.


No need for weapon swap. You only spam Dagger and Dagger .

Note that Dagger is ground-targeted as of June 27

Whenever you have 5 blades you cast or .

If you want to increase DPS you can cast the elite: or if you are stocked with blades and both and are on cooldown.

Note that is no longer a block as of June 27

Don’t bother casting phantasms since there are no traits improving them.

  • Blocks: You have 3 blocks always available since they are not part of the rotation, , Sword ,
  • CC: Sword , , , Torch (requires weapon swap)
  • Stun Break: Signet of Midnight is a stun break and it’s always available since it’s not part of the rotation


  • Every time you press an F skill you gain Stability for 5s so you basically have perma stability.
  • If you want to increase damage by a small amount you can swap Blink to Rain of Swords and also use Torch4.
  • 3% of your condition damage is recovered as heal and every time you create a blade you gain 350 health (Signet of Ether).

Alternative Off-Hand Weapons

Since you don’t need to cast any skills from the off-hand weapon for the basic rotation, you can use any off-hand weapon, such as Focus for pulls or Sword for blocks.

Additional Notes

Food is important to get to 60% precision, with Fury you get to 100% crit chance. Your DPS is drastically affected if your Fury uptime is not 100%. Try not to press any other buttons if you are not sure how the build works because your dps might actually drop, it’s literally just those 4 buttons (2, 3, F1, F2) and elite if you want to.


Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Armour:
    • Rampager Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots
    • Viper Coat, Leggings
    • Runes of the Krait
  • Trinkets:
    • Rampager Amulet, 1x Ring
    • Sinister 2x Accessories, Backpiece, 1x Ring
  • Weapons:
    1. Dagger (Rampager)/Sword (Viper), Bursting/Earth Sigils
    2. empty/Torch (Viper), Earth Sigil
  • Food/Utility:
    • Bowl of Fancy Potato & Leek Soup (+100 Precision/+70 Condition Damage)
    • Toxic Focusing Crystal (3% power + 3% precision -> condition damage)


Simple rotation (32.1k DPS):

Full rotation (33.8k DPS):

Kaineng Overlook CM Title: