There has been a balance patch since this build was published. It has been flagged for review. Please submit an update here.

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This signet and minion Reaper build prioritizes shroud damage and life force generation.

Tier Notes

  1. Spawn minions, auto-attack and enter reaper’s shroud () any time you can
  2. As in 1, + warhorn (or greatsword ) out of shroud
  3. As in 2, + out of shroud
  4. As in 3, + shroud while in shroud

CC Options

If you have CC needs (blue breakbars), and can accommodate more, consider the following options.

Out of Shroud:

  • Flesh Golem Elite
  • Warhorn
  • Greatsword

In Shroud:

  • Shroud
  • Double-Tap Shroud

Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Full Berserker
  • Runes of the Eagle
  • Dagger/Warhorn Force/Impact (less damage, higher life force generation)