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This Bladesworn Warrior build averages at about 13 APM (Tier 1). This is a melee-heavy build, making movement control a potential factor.

Tier Notes

Rotation Tier 1

  1. keep auto-attacking until your flow bar is full
  2. press and wait until your charges are full
  3. press and wait for your to become ready
  4. press and wait for your flow bar again

Rotation Tier 2

Same as Tier 1 + use off cooldown. Make sure to wait until all hits are done


Template code:



  • Full Berserker armor & trinkets
  • Runes of the Thief
  • Berserker Axe/Axe Force/Accuracy


Berserker can be replaced by Marauder and Knight, though knight will perform considerably worse.

Keep your sigils the same on this one, as crit is very important and force is pretty strong.