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This low-moderate complexity Reaper build has you diving in and out of shroud, while your minions poke away.

Tier Notes

  1. Auto-attack and enter reaper’s shroud () any time you can + use both in and out of shroud.
  2. As in 1, + in and out of shroud.
  3. As in 2, + out of shroud or (do not double tap) inside shroud.

If comfortable with the above, consider swapping to or changing Death Magic to Soul Reaping.

Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Full Marauder
  • Runes of Vampirism
  • Greatsword Force/Accuracy


Marauder can be replaced by Berserker, Knight, or Soldier, though soldier and knight will perform considerably worse. Sigil of Blood can provide an extra 200 hp/s. Use Axe/x for a ranged option though your DPS suffers.

Other References

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