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This elemental and signet-heavy Tempest build allows you to focus on just a few weapon skills.

Tier Notes

Start with 1, and work your way up.

  1. Use and while summoning elementals.
  2. As in 1, +
  3. As in 2, + +

Once comfortable, experiment with adding (Dagger mainhand only) and . Use as an emergency defense button.

Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Full Celestial
  • Runes of the Krait
  • Scepter/Warhorn Strength/Blood


The sigils are very flexible so pick what you like. Cele can be replaced with Viper (higher dps), Trailblazer (higher tank), or Dire (budget). If using dire, swap sigils to Bursting + Agony. Dagger can be used in place of Scepter for a good AOE option.

Other References

This build may also be viewed at gw2skills