There has been a balance patch since this build was published. It has been flagged for review. Please submit an update here.

Comments always welcomed in the discord.

A player on the AW2 Discord was looking for a Low Intensity Core Guardian build. We didn’t really have one, so he made one. Here it is!

It’s been well tested in Open World, and provides alternatives for WvW. Instanced PvE testing feedback is very welcomed, join the discord and let us know how it went.

Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Full Carrion
  • Runes of Balthazar
  • Weapons
    • Sword/Torch Smouldering/Rage
    • Scepter/X Smouldering/X (for ranged, not often needed)

WvW Alternatives

  • Change Purging Flames to Save Yourself!
  • Change Signet of Courage to Renewed Focus