It’s a Axe/Pistol + Staff Mirage raid build, that can either greed for highest personal DPS, or dynamically swap to a Staff for ranged damage and great boon output, depending on the situation - since each rotation only uses one weapon set and they use identical traits, this swap can happen midfight! If the alacrity provider dies, you can take over! Kind of. 50% uptime. But still.


  • Weapons:
    • Viper’s Staff with Bursting/Energy Sigils
    • Viper’s Axe/Pistol with Bursting/Energy Sigils
  • Armor: Viper’s with Nightmare Runes
  • Trinkets: Viper’s
  • Food & Utility: Rare Veggie Pizza, Tuning Icicle

Traits and Skills

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