Condition Virtuoso - will do 25k with 2 buttons, has a free utility slot, does own stability and can be used to black kite and pylon in raids.

Several traits and skills have changed since this build was published, damage and utility may be different now.


  • Weapons:
    • Viper’s Dagger/Focus with Malice/Accuracy Sigils
    • Viper’s Dagger/Pistol with Malice/Accuracy Sigils
  • Armor: Bringer’s Leggings, the rest as Sinister pieces, with Lyssa Runes
  • Trinkets:
    • Viper’s Amulet and one Accessory
    • Rampager’s Rings and Backpiece
    • Bringer’s Accessory
  • Food & Utility: Koi Cake, Toxic Focusing Crystal

Traits and Skills

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