This Deadeye build focuses on using pistols to deadly advantage.

Tier Notes

There are no tiers. Use 1, 3, and F1 off cooldown. (Pistol). Use 5 every few seconds on Sword/Pistol to AOE Blind enemies around you (only works on trash mobs)

Traits and Skills

Template code:



  • Marauder weapons
  • Marauder armor
  • Runes of Vampirism
  • Knight trinkets
  • Sword/Pistol Force/Accuracy
  • Pistol/Pistol Force/Accuracy


Marauder can be replaced by Berserker, Knight, or Soldier, though soldier and knight will perform considerably worse. Sigil of Blood can provide an extra 200 hp/s.

Other References

This build may also be viewed at gw2skills