Accessibility Wars Too

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LI Shortbow Soulbeast

This low-medium intensity condi Soulbeast build uses shortbow, flanking and zero-animation utilities to stay effective.

Tempest Fire

This spicy Fire Tempest build uses the teamwork of elementals combined with a few signets to keep the complexity down. Great for barbeques.

Storm Weaver

This signet-heavy Weaver build sets up a single weave. There is no element swapping necessary, reducing the complexity of Weaver greatly. That said, this bui...

Turret Gyro Spam-a-lot

Spam is on the menu today! This Scrapper build allows you to find your personal sweet spot between turret spam and gyro spam.

Mad Bomber Mech

This signet- and explosives-heavy Mechanist build lets you blow stuff up and laugh maniacally.