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Elementalist - Creative

20k dps D/D Quickness Catalyst. Build provides 25might, fury, quickness, prot, and high resistance. Can trade prot and resistance for vigor and resolution by...

Elementalist - Support

Thanks to the 10 man target nerf, now Tempest can integrate the overpowered healing and Rez power of Staff + Arcane traitline into your favourite Boon Tempes...

Elementalist - DPS

This is a condi tempest build, it is based around fire attunement. It is aimed to proved 25 might to the subgroup, decent DPS un PUGS (20k) and is good for h...

Heal Chronomancer

This Heal Chronomancer Mesmer build averages at about 12 APM. This is a build based on wells, making movement control a potential factor.

Burst God Holosmith

This is a holosmith engineer LI build provided by MrMystic. This build may also be viewed at gw2skills.