Hiya! I’m a 46 year old Canadian and veteran game developer with a wonderful wife, a kid in university and a majestic floofy rescue dog from Cairo named Falkor.

I’m a person with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS). As it’s a central nervous system disease, the effects are wildly different for individuals. My particulars are mostly sensation based and cognitive. If there are any other Sclerofriends here, please reach out!

GW2 is definitely grown into my game of choice. I keep checking out other games, but I keep just wishing they were more like GW2. I do occasionally wander over to console territory, and get offline to play tabletop games, ranging from board games to RPGs. Ask me about Go some time.

For AW2, I’m the primary person behind the website and tools, though I welcome help when it shows up.

Pronouns: he/him;they/them (either)


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

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Waiting in the shadows are also a few special others that I’ll keep nagging for bios…

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